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What’s new at The Legacy Center?

Change Readiness Bootcamp!

Feb 26-Mar 1, 2018

If you’re in job transition, searching for a New Beginning, thinking about starting a business/consultancy, trying to land a job, trying to leave a job, etc. consider this super affordable, three and a half day BOOTCAMP!

Over the 3 1/2 days,  Peg Stookey, and her colleagues, will guide you through her signature change readiness program that individuals pay more than $3000 for. You will

  • Be job change CONFIDENT!
  • Explore options for a New Future!
  • Create an Action and Accountability Plan!
  • Work on your LinkedIn Profile, Resume, Networking and Power Introduction!




and all for just $150!

PLUS-You’ll receive a FREE month of Change Success support for FREE!

Click here for more Information and Registration!

Since I announced this bootcamp, SO many people have told me that they wished they would have had this information at the beginning of their career transition.

My hope is to never hear regret again but rather, that our “bootcampers” share their PROACTIVE stories of accelerated job search success! I can’t wait!

Sincerely, Peg Stookey


MORE Masterminds!

Our ACCEL Masters program has been so impactful over the years that we’ve decided to launch more small groups of business owners and other leaders of our community!

Groups that are currently forming or accepting new members:

ACCEL Masters: Solo-preneurs who are mid-career, busy growing their businesses while balancing work and life. Leadership, productivity, strategy, personal balance and more are frequent topics of conversation.

Angel Ladies: Fem-preneurs who are proactively working on growing their businesses as they also grow as leaders. Many, but not all, are in heart-centered businesses. ALL are heart-centered women!

Seasoned Entrepreneurs: Now forming. Experienced business owners who are in the last third (or so) of their career. They might be planning for exit, sale, succession, etc. while still working on/in the business. Or, they may have gone through succession and have started a new business.

Men’s Mastermind: Now forming. We’re looking for a few great men to form a mastermind that focuses on helping men who are employed to navigate the second half of their career.



Why The Legacy Center?

Catalyze & Manage Career Change | Create New Beginnings | Leverage Your Past |Change Jobs | Lead Small Business Start-up, Growth, Innovation & Exit |  Experience Less Stress | Find More Joy | Do What Matters | Lead Better Organizations and Lives!


Our Clients are Confident, Significant and oh, so Happy LEADERS OF THEIR FUTURE!


1) Be Change Ready: Career Change happens. You lose a job. Take a package. Decide to leave. Buy a business. Close a business. We’ll help you take control and make a change on your terms. We offer career leadership coaching and specific training certificate programs that help you confidently decide on your New Beginning Point!

2) Step into your New Beginning Point: You’ve decided what you want to do next. Start a business, launch a consulting practice, seek a new career, retire in style, etc. But how do you begin? We’ll help you create a plan, take action and move forward on your terms!        

3) SUSTAIN YOUR SUCCESS:  The First 100 Days are critical to your future success so we offer a program specifically designed to support you through this period. After 100 days? We’d love for you to continue on with our Activate or Mastermind programs! Your LEGACY success is our mission!

 How can we help you become a more Confident, Significant and oh, so Happy leader of your new future?


  • Taking a package, retiring or semi-retired and looking for a New Beginning
  • In career transition wanting to explore career and/or entrepreneurial change
  • Working, know that there is “more”, and want to explore change on your terms
  • A business owner who wants to better LEAD your growing business
  • A later stage business owner that is preparing to exit and is looking for a New Beginning
  • A professional that serves the above clientele
  • In need of speakers or trainers to motivate and empower Change That Matters and New Beginnings