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Why The Legacy Center?

OUR MISSION is to help you create CHANGE THAT MATTERS!

Change That Matters happens in two stages:

1) First, we explore Entrepreneurial & Change Readiness. Ready to explore. Ready to decide. Ready to begin. Ready to grow. Ready to innovate. And, even, Ready to exit. READINESS is the first step in achieving lasting success! Are you READY?

2) Once a model is created and a decision is made, we support you with our developmental programs and services to ensure lasting success. Continue to grow as a leader, change as necessary and surround yourself with the very best resources possible.


  • In career transition wanting to explore career and/or entrepreneurial change
  • Working, know that there is “more”, and want to explore change
  • An early-stage business owner who are proactively starting your business
  • A mid-late stage business owner who is growing your business or preparing to exit
  • A professional that serves the above clientele
  • In need of speakers or trainers to motivate and empower Change That Matters

How can we help you make change that matters?