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The 80% Shift!

I was shocked and amazed this week when, in a client meeting, one of my advisors and mentors, Tom, told the client to be prepared for a 90% chance of failure. UGH! I wanted to scream and shout, “Maybe out there in the world but not here at The Legacy Center!!” Then, I asked myself, “Doesn’t he know what The 80% Shift is?” Obviously not.

Let’s use this experience to create a teaching moment and to enlighten you on The 80% Shift!

Lesson #1 is one I just learned (again for the hundredth time): NEVER assume anything! The 80% Shift! is more than just our mantra and the core of our mission statement; it’s the driving force behind MY professional life. And my advisor/mentor doesn’t know it? Shame on ME!

Lesson #2: Yes, shame on me. I admit it. I’m ready to be accountable to this. It’s MY problem that he doesn’t know, or perhaps really understand, what we really do at The Legacy Center.  Accountability means ME!

Lesson #3: Get over it! Move! Create action! Fix it!!!! It’s in MY power to fix this, not only for my advisor (and the client we were meeting with) but to better communicate to EVERYONE, now and in the future, what The 80% Shift! is and does. In other words, fix the MARKETING!

Hence: This Post!

The 80% Shift! is our mantra and our battle cry, yes. But it’s much, much more. It’s the guiding principle by which we operate. It’s the bottom line in decision-making. It’s the catalyst for new programs. The 80% Shift! is a summation of our need to ensure that small businesses have a fighting chance of success. When Tom  said that our client could expect 90% chance of failure, she (the client) should have turned and run. What kind of odds are those? Would you invest in the stock market at those odds? Would you buy a home knowing you had 90% chance of losing all of your equity? I don’t even think you’d go to the casino with those kinds of odds (I admit, I have no idea what the odds are at a casino).

By the time Tom and I met with the client, she and I had established a level of trust and it was a good thing. She may not have been able to verbalize it, but she trusts that we’re not leading her into a 90% failure option-otherwise she might have run! WHEW!

Next: More about The 80% Shift!


Until then,Peg

Peg Stookey

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