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Celebrating Entrepreneurial Independence!

Celebrating Independence!

I had this brainstorm last night (when I get my best ideas!). We’re celebrating our country’s independence this week.

What says American Dream, freedom and personal independence like business ownership? 

Let’s celebrate our entrepreneurial independence this week!

About a year ago I was driving down the center of Cincinnati on I-71. I passed my husband’s office-where he’s employed. Although I’m so grateful for his job and the security is gives us, my thoughts went to my freedom. Here I was, in the middle of the day, CHOOSING to go from place to place. I felt FREE, in CONTROL and ALIVE!

Of course, this freedom doesn’t come without responsibility. That day, I was traveling from one client meeting to another client meeting. While my schedule is flexible and pretty much under my control, I won’t have a business without sticking to it!

Freedom brings responsibility

As I help people make critical decisions on their future, I feel that responsibility-greatly. As I commit to the employment of a contracted employee, I feel that responsibility-intimately. As I buy groceries to feed my family or pay the tuition bill, I embrace that responsibility-personally!

I invite you to think about the right and responsibility, the freedom and flexibility of self-employment this week.

What does it mean to your business, your customers, your family, YOU? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Together, let’s CELEBRATE!

To YOUR success,

Peg Stookey, founder & Change Catalyst!

The Legacy Center

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