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Nice or Obnoxious Customers: CHOOSE!

I’ve recently been involved, as a customer, in a less than satisfactory situation. OK. That’s way too mild. This situation is totally unacceptable and unconscionable. There. Now I feel a little better!

I was sharing some of the details with a colleague who shares a similar experience with this company. I thought I’d share what he wrote to me:

It reminds me of what a sales manager told me years ago:  if you take your nice customers for granted and react to your obnoxious customers’ threats, you will wonder one day why you only have obnoxious customers.  The nice ones won’t yell; they’ll just leave.

SO true! Rather than focus on the negative though, I think this is a good chance to re-examine my own customer service approach. Maybe it’s a good time for you to do the same as well!

Question: Do you want nice or obnoxious customers?

Our customers are our bread and butter. They deserve our attention, our concern, and, yes, our gratitude! In fact, as part of our Get It Done-ASAP goal-setting & accountability program we set a weekly gratitude goal. Mine always includes a gratitude mantra where I recite how grateful I am for my clients-one wonderful client at a time! What a great way to fall asleep!

WOW your customer challenge:

Pick one thing you can do for a special customer this coming week. Commit and do it! See what happens and let us know!

To YOUR success,

Peg Stookey

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