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Peg Stookey-Instigator of New Beginnings!

Peg Stookey

Peg Stookey

Peg Stookey is our lead New Beginnings and Change Readiness coach/trainer. Peg is known for her “catalyst” programs: short-term, quick success coaching programs. Using her proprietary and proven Anatomy of Success model, she teaches her coaching clients how to strategize change, make great decisions, brand or re-brand themselves and/or their businesses and more.

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Peg’s clients include:

  • P&Gers (and other’s leaving their corporate “nest”): The biggest percentage of Peg’s clients are facing a corporate change. They’ve taken a package, are retiring or have decided to leave on their own. Increasingly, they are still at a company, such as P&G, that is undergoing change and they are seeking help to deal with the after-math of change.
  • Anatomy of Success candidates: One of Peg’s greatest joys is to teach others to use her system to help their clients with change, leadership, etc.
  • Dual path career change: Most of Peg’s clients that are looking at self-employment options are also looking for a job. Peg helps them navigate both paths while building a potential business model that works for them.
  • Franchise candidates: Are you exploring franchising? This is not a time to go it alone! Peg puts her years of franchise expertise to work to help you with your due-diligence: 1) learn franchising, 2) ask the right questions of franchisors and franchisees, 3) evaluate the answers, 4) connect you with the right resources, e.g. attorney, accountant, banker, real estate broker, etc. 5) attend discovery day and more! Her goal is to act as YOUR advocate and help you make the RIGHT decision!
  • Job-to-job change: Taking an innovative approach, Peg helps her career change clients to find the right fit, now. Clients may or may not be presently working.
  • Entrepreneurial growth/innovation: Peg works with emerging, small business leaders to clarify their business model, re-brand, grow as a leader and/or strategize future success.
  • Entrepreneurial exit: You’re ready to retire (or call it quits). Peg knows where you’ve been and has the expertise to help you get to where you’re going next. She will help identify options, strategize change and guide you to a successful New Beginning!

Strategic Advising: Peg serves as advisor to business owners who are growing their organizations. She helps them with critical thinking, decision-making, innovation, growth strategy and more. She provides extra eyes, ears and her numerous connections to enhance the success of the small business leader.

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