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Peg Stookey

Peg Stookey

Meet….Peg Stookey, Founder

Hi! I’m Peg Stookey, the founder of Legacy Connection, LLC, dba The Legacy Center and Chief Instigator of New Beginnings (that’s a mouthful!). Thank you for visiting or re-visiting our site. I’d like to take a minute to tell you about myself and why I started this company.

Like many entrepreneurs my background is varied. The fact is that very few of us go to college, study business or entrepreneurship and then launch a successful business right after graduation-although I once served on the board of a group of gals that did just that! Go Libre Clothing! For nearly every business owner that I know, including myself, we go through an evolutionary process of getting where we are today. The same holds true for people who choose the employed career path. Their careers evolve over time-some more intentionally than others.

Where did it all begin?

As a kid I loved science and nature. I majored in Biology at the University of Texas at Dallas and upon graduation went to work with one of my professors as a lab tech. I had many wonderful years of sitting in front of a hood, playing with cells in petri dishes. Honestly, I loved my work. What we did was important to cancer research and academic study. What really intrigued me was HOW things worked. HOW proteins are transported and HOW our cells work. It’s fascinating stuff! NOTE: Biology works through systems.

Let’s skip over the years where I stayed home to raise 4 kids. Important years for them but maybe not for you to hear about. In 1996 I needed something to get me out of the house so I contacted a network marketing organization that I was familiar with and began “selling”. I’d never sold anything in my life but because I loved the product I excelled. I excelled because I was passionate, I talked to everyone I knew about it, I talked to people I didn’t know about it, I went to training and learned how to be better and I figured out that I was a good teacher. As long as I approached selling as teaching, I rocked! In short, I began my entrepreneurial journey. Note: Did you know that network marketing organizations are distribution systems for many products and services?

In 2000, I made a millennial decision. I needed to do something else in order to balance work and life (and tip the scale toward my family). One day, I was reading a magazine article about four women franchisees that were all making six-figures. My bold response was,

“If they can do it , I can do it better!”

I did like so many do and hopped on the Internet to start researching. YIKES! There were millions of pages to sift through. Fortunately, I found a franchise consultant who walked me through the process. To make a longer story shorter (I know this is a bit long but aren’t you intrigued?) I ended up doing what he did-consulting with people in career transition that wanted to explore franchise ownership. Over the course of five years I didn’t just consult, I studied franchising exhaustively so that I could be the best at what I did. I did one other, quite unique thing. I cared deeply about my “candidate” clients. In fact, I cared so much that many more of them got jobs than bought franchises AND, I was happy for them because it was the right decision for them to make! NOTE: The core characteristic of a franchise lies in its systems AND most people looking at franchising are in a career change situation.

After working with many start-up franchisees I saw another opportunity and founded the Legacy Connection Community in 2006. By that time, I had worked with many people in career transition and knew that the decision to launch a business, or buy a franchise, was not an easy one. Legacy Connection became a place for early-stage business owners of all types, franchise and independent, to learn and connect.

In 2010, I was working with a transition client to help her find her New Beginning Point and start a business. We were trying to align her vision with a strategy for start-up. In an effort to make it easier for her I drew a stick figure that ultimately came to be the Anatomy of Success. I use this model extensively to teach, coach and train. As an “anatomy lesson” it contains individual analogies to teach leadership in general. As a “physiology lesson” it empowers my clients to lead change, their small business, career, retirement, etc. ON THEIR TERMS. It teaches them a proven system that they can use over and over again. NOTE: I had now created my own system for success that could be taught, replicated, practiced and perfected!

Early Graphic of the Anatomy of Success


Anatomy of Success logo with parts2-4-15

New AoS Graphic Created by Former P&Ger, Tom Hortel

In 2011, a now good friend recommended that I try to get this program qualified for P&G’s retraining benefits. This lead to rebranding Legacy Connection to The Legacy Center, an over-haul of our website, a rebranding of ME and so much more. It took 8 months but we got it done! Between 2011 and 2015 I slowly began to focus my business on my career change clients and, in particular, building a clientele of people who were leaving or preparing to leave P&G. This is where my heart is. I love the world of change and, especially, the potential that change invites. NOTE: Narrowing your niche is hard but imperative for success! As Guy Kawasaki says in his book, The Art of the Start,

Market domination, one niche at a time!


In 2015, I, with the support of many, launched the P&G New Beginnings program. What’s next? I won’t even begin to guess! I do know this:

I could not be where I am today, or prepared for what tomorrow will bring, if I had not stepped into my New Beginning in 1996, and again in 2000, and again in 2006, and again in 2011, and again in 2015.

Today, I feel……Confident, Significant and Oh, So Happy to be on this evolving journey. Please let me know how I can help you enjoy the same!

Peg Stookey, founder of The Legacy Center and Instigator of New Beginnings