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Peg,  I was reminded, as I am almost daily, of all of the positive events that ensued in my life upon meeting you!  Since we last spoke, I’ve had a myriad of freelance projects, short and long term, then finally this past winter started working at a not for profit…. I’m leveraging my creative skills and learning…..something that has always interested me. Mostly, I get to work hands on with great people who also enjoy a shared vision… Our results are not just measured by increased profit margins. We get to see people recognize their dreams and aspirations. It’s by no means perfect but I’m maintaining a healthy work/life balance and doing something that I sincerely believe in verses having to spend all of my energy conforming to an unhealthy toxic work environment where I was no longer valued for all I brought to the table, not showing enough “swagger” (as I was once told) or bringing up my family at work, of all things !

If I never said so, I am eternally grateful to you for all of the guidance and support you provided me and you are and always will be a bright, shining star during an otherwise sad and lonely time. “Jack”, 7/15

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In early 2012, while working for IBM, I found out that I was to be a part of a large resource action where many were being let go. My last date of work was 3/28/2012. As part of the severance package IBM promised retraining dollars as well as provided each employee with a career management service. This service is where I met Peg Stookey. IBM allowed the time to utilize the career management services prior to being let go so I attended many events regarding how to write an effective resume, how to use social media to find a new job, how to use job boards, etc., but when I met Peg at her Legacy Center event, the wheels really started turning. The other sessions I attended just left me feeling more uneasy about my future. I wanted to make a difference in the world instead of to the bottom line of some corporate company. Read more from Peggy…

In my first visit my life was changed. I really didn’t know what to expect. I learned something that has impacted my business and my life. The speaker’s message meant so much to me! It was not only the message but also how he shared his message through life experience. In fact, everyday since that first meeting a month ago (where I immediately joined!) I’ve thought about that lesson and applied it to my daily activity. Since then I’ve also had the privilege of sharing my experience with a team member and it’s also impacted them!
-J. Linville, World Financial Group, new member

Thanks to Legacy Center, I have dramatically enhanced my focus and direction for my business. The ACCEL program continuously provides motivation, information, and wisdom from a group of people who are walking the walk. It has truly accelerated my success.
– L. Watson, Small Group Book Study Creator and President, Inspiring Connection

I love the extraordinary community you have built, you can feel the joy, and you can feel the relief for the members… What an extraordinary contribution!!! The relief is we are not alone and have partners in community… folks doing what we are doing… Legacy promotes community within community… Its circular/spiral, not linear or hierarchical… so everyone leads and contributes… everyone counts… everyone feels supported!
– L. Morris, President, Phoenix Possibilities

The network of Legacy Center provided the connectivity to pursue various business development opportunities. This powerful combination of inspiration, knowledge and process is the beauty of Legacy Connection. They helped me define and execute personal business strategies, to move forward in a career decision as well as to get me thinking about my possible future as a business owner.
-R. Bradford, transition client

If you could hold a person’s legacy in front of a mirror the reflection would not show you only their face. The reflection of a legacy is a mosaic whose tiles are made of the contributions from many talented men and women who supported the growth of the business through many years. Joining Legacy Connection has not only helped me find my mosaic’s tiles but has also helped me master its design.
– M. Signer, writer and charter member

I consider myself pretty self-sufficient when it comes to being an entrepreneur. I’ve been a passionate entrepreneur for years. But only when I found Legacy Connection did I realize the power of having a team of collaborative, supportive, smart resources who are also passionate entrepreneurs. It’s has been an amazing opportunity to have them on my side and help me build my business. I love having the Legacy Connection team on my side!
– D. Haupert, Girlfriendology