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Testimonials from P&G New Beginnings Clients

Testimonial Cloud Created by Combining Dozens of P&Gers Kind Words!

Testimonial Cloud
Created by Combining Dozens of P&Gers Kind Words!

I think a lot of people could use this introspection.  Most, of the tools we’ve taken in the past have been too workforce centric and at P&G, there was little regard for your personal style and personal preferences.  It was talked about, but….  Conformity vs. Personal Style was the name of the game.  Post P&G, I believe unpeeling the Proctoid layers will position P&Gers to have more rewarding post P&G lives. 

M.A. Retired from P&G, January, 2014.


1) When I left P&G I felt………
Relieved to have the opportunity to mold my future but also fearful that I wasn’t adequately prepared for this new journey.

2) I started working with Peg because……
She offered a path through the fear and confusion and helped me see an endpoint that aligned with my desires.

3) In working with Peg I…….
Discovered she speaks from personal experience not just theory and book knowledge, she has a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals and that she’s willing to share what I need to hear to grow personally as well as professionally.

If you’re considering a coach to guide you through your transition into life after P&G, Peg and the Legacy Center are a perfect blend of education, insight and accountability to improve your chances for success. If you’re not seeking a coach, turn around and take an honest inventory of who’ll be left once you’re outside the active P&G family. Remaining connected is difficult at best and without a coach you’ll likely be taking the journey alone. Peg and the Legacy Center will adequately prepare you for the scariest, most exciting, journey of your life.


R.B. has not only been a great friend/client; he’s been instrumental in helping us get this program off the ground. Without his vision and support, we simply would not be! No words can express our profound gratitude. Thank you, R.B.!


When I left P&G, I knew I wanted to help people via a natural health business ministry. I felt overwhelmed, because I also wanted to help people by making equal justice affordable and providing identity theft protection and restoration.

In working with Peg I learned about the entrepreneurial mindset, visioning and more.

C.R. is pursuing her dream of building two businesses with a common purpose-to help people be physically and legally well!  


When I started to plan to leave P&G I felt lost and unsure of the future.  Could I make it outside of P&G after so many years?   I started working with
Peg because other former P&G employees were working with her and highly recommended her to help me figure it all out.  In working with Peg I am very confident now and know that I can leave P&G when I want and I have plans now and if I stumble, Peg is there.  She has many resources and former P&Ger’s for me to connect with and work with.  She has such a huge network of resources it really amazes me.  Want to build a website or business plan?  Do you just want someone to talk to and validate how you feel?  Peg is the right person to have in your toolkit.
I now have the start of my business plan and personal plan and can execute my plan knowing that I have a good foundation because of Peg.

C.C. is still at P&G but ready to go if/when the package is offered! Her level of stress and anxiety are down while her productivity and joy at work has skyrocketed! Plus-once she committed to staying at P&G she also committed to a wellness journey. She’s lost weight, discovered yoga and aromatherapy and most importantly, feels confident in leading her journey!


As I left P&G I felt unsure of my direction, a bit overwhelmed by all the choices I had. I needed help with identifying my skills, passions, and direction.

I found the strength and skill tests that Peg provided very helpful and our generous conversations very insightful.  Peg is a great listener and career coach.

I.F. made a BIG change by relocating to their retirement dream home and landing a new career that will carry her to retirement!


After many years at P&G I left feeling free, excited…and invigorated. My close friend highly recommended Peg and her Readiness program based on personal experience. The good karma I felt during our first meeting sealed the deal.

AS I’ve worked with Peg I’ve valued that I’m dealing with a person who has a proven model, a strong network, is trustworthy and passionate about helping others.

  W.K has launched a consulting practice and is making a difference in economic development of Cincinnati and its surrounding communities.


When I left P&G I felt unsure of what I should do with my life after spending 38 years going to work on a daily basis.  It was particularly unnerving leaving the best job I ever had as an innovation guide at the GYM for the last 8 years of my career. After a year away from P&G I wanted to see if the path I had chosen made sense or if I needed to go on a different journey. So, I started to work with Peg through her Readiness program.

I’ve found that I feel good about the path I chose since it balanced part time work with volunteer and family activities.  With Peg’s help I re-examined my list of assets, including knowledge and skills and revisited what matters most to me.  As I viewed what I wanted my future to be I realized that continuing on the path I had chosen meshed best with my skills, knowledge, and what matters most.

EVB is enjoying his life! Volunteering, facilitating, consulting, traveling, and spending time with family!


As I got ready to leave P&G after many years of dedicated work I felt a little scared but excited about the possibilities of my “next!” I had heard so many amazing things about Peg’s work with her clients. When a mutual friend introduced us it seemed destined that we work together! With Peg, I always feel like I get the straight scoop along with ideas for how to shape my strategies and thinking for my business!!  Peg is the best!!

SJM had already launched her business when she met Peg.  She is enrolled in the Activate Success program to help guide her and continue to develop her entrepreneurial leadership skill. SHE’s the best!!!


Anatomy of Success exercises helped me take a step back and think about what I wanted to do next (as driven by what I love and what’s important to me!)
As a small business owner you have great insights (and watch outs ) of the good / bad / ugly related to having one (independent or franchise) – and Beth is a great partner that helps explain the “details” of setting a business up and managing the ongoing record keeping / accounting of a small business
You have a great group of friends / contacts for networking opportunities and you work well with other individuals / groups (Right Mgmt, YourEncore, branding folks, photographers, etc.) that allows you to assemble a customized package that can help someone get where they want to be
You’re flexible with your “toolbox” – clients can get / use the tools they need – you don’t force them to buy the whole thing
You know how to get approval for / use the P&G retraining $

K.D. came to us to help him clarify his New Beginning Point. He had 3 ideas in mind which we explored in depth. One of the most memorable elements of our engagement was that he and his wife used the Anatomy of Success process to decide on whether or not to complete a home project by their daughter’s graduation. In the end, it was decided that focusing on what really mattered meant spending time with their daughter, not stressing over construction (which K.D. was doing himself). Doors were closed and no one knew the difference!


In leaving P&G I was so open and excited about new possibilities.  But within a year, I felt a little overwhelmed by the many opportunities that were actually available and being offered to me.

I met Peg at Right Management and was intrigued by what she said about readiness and strategy. I understand the need to effectively manage change and retirement is a big change.   Peg is a personable change facilitator and provides gentle pushing, when necessary (which I desire), as I work through self-discovery.

I discovered that I needed and wanted to peel back the onion of corporate influence and rediscover who I am.   Taking the time to self-explore with a skilled facilitator assists me in quality introspection.

Peg is outcome focused; not just tool focused.  We follow a defined  program but I have the flexibility to go a little “off course” at times.  The planned and unplanned reflection has already resulted in better self-knowledge.

Ultimately, I want to make good choices so I spend the next 25-30 years doing things that I not only like to do, but really enjoy doing.

This is a 2nd testimonial from M.A. who is DOING retirement on her terms! A little rest, some work, some volunteering, lots of family time and yet, she still strives to do what really matters!


 I started working with Peg because I wanted to really think about what to do next in a structured and intelligent way.

In working with Peg I developed a well thought out plan and am now doing exactly what I was meant to do.

C.S. extensively explored the possibility of buying a franchise. In the end, he decided to focus on an opportunity to leverage his brilliance in branding and work as a consultant who is associated with an established firm. Although this is not the right time, if he ever decides to explore self-employment again, it will be ON HIS TERMS!


 When I left P&G I felt a profound sense of relief and freedom, as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my head and heart. As a creative thinker I always felt constricted within P&G by constantly having the focus of my work delegated to me by my “superiors” (superior in rank perhaps but rarely in creative intellect).

When I met Peg  I was captivated by her sincere mission of helping others to find their calling and to map out their true path. I wanted to be a part of the diverse community of creative minds she always seems to attract.

After working with Peg I feel more satisfaction in being able to pursue my own calling; in finding the confidence and validation to pick and choose my own battles and thus chart my own destiny.  She truly cares about the well-being of each client, each student, each apprentice within her network and creates a sense of family and community. Her legacy connection is aptly named, and one of the “warmest” networks I have ever experienced outside of my own family.

T.H. left P&G 2003 and is now pursing his passions of creativity, invention and teaching. As this is written he’s on the verge of a major “change the world” launch! Stay tuned!