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Q: WHO is the P&G New Beginnings program for?

A: Anyone who has left, at any time in the past, or is preparing to leave P&G (or brands such as Pringles, Iams, etc. that have been purchased by other companies), or is staying behind to cultivate new opportunities as P&G is reborn.

Q: Is there a cost to belong?

A: There’s no cost to receive our newsletter, have a cup of coffee or participate in the research. Our goal is to have sponsors for events so that they are no or very low cost. There is a cost for coaching or group masterminds but GREAT NEWS! Our programs qualify for retraining benefits if that’s available to you!

Q: How does this differ from outplacement or the P&G alumni group?

A: We strive to work collaboratively with any organization that gathers P&Gers together. Our mission is distinct and complimentary to these other programs and we have good working relationships with them. Also, this program is open to P&Gers who have been “left behind”, left many years ago or who are contractors that have worked for P&G and have felt the effects of change.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: Thanks, again, for asking! We need your ideas. What do you need, want and what will you find valuable enough to spend time on? Who do you know that is going through or has gone through a P&G career change and would like to stay connected to P&Gers AND move forward more effectively. Or, who do you know that has “done it”? We’d love to interview them, tell their story or invite them to speak at an event!

If you’d like to be involved, and we hope you do, just ask! We need coaches/trainers (we’ll train you), small group facilitators (we’ll train you), event planners, committee members and people to just show up or read our articles!

AND, we need you to help us spread the word!

Q: How do I invite other P&Gers to participate?

A: Thanks for asking!!! We’re working very hard to keep our complimentary newsletter private. You can instruct your friends to contact us or, if you’re already receiving the newsletter, look in the FAQ section for a link to send them so they can subscribe. We know it’s a little extra work for you but it will help us to be exclusive to you and your peers!

Please, only invite P&Gers as defined above. If there’s a question just refer them to Peg Stookey at

Q: What about people in career transition who are not from P&G?

A: Another great question! We’re glad you’re thinking about others too! Please direct them to Peg Stookey at She’ll take good care of your peeps!