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Change Readiness Certifications

Change is here to stay! Are you ready?

Our certification programs are a combination of change readiness training and coaching to help you catalyze and manage change. Add your certification to your resume and LinkedIn for added credibility and to highlight your commitment to continuous personal leadership development.

Change Readiness Certification is for you if

  • you find yourself in UNEXPECTED career change which is highly uncomfortable for you
  • you have a financial reason to quickly create new options
  • you’ve CHOSEN to make a change, such as taken a package, retirement or quit your job, and are PARALYZED by too many choices, boredom or fear

Change Readiness Certification is NOT for you if

  • you’re not curious about your potential
  • you don’t want to do the work (homework and in-session work)
  • you don’t have time to commit for 8 -10 weeks
  • you don’t understand the meaning of Peter Block’s quote: What price are you willing to pay? (HINT: The cost of a lost opportunity is almost always far greater than the cost of any particular program.)

We have a track record of qualifying for

  • Retraining benefits from companies such as P&G, IBM, Mars, and Kellogg
  • Company sponsored executive and management leadership training

We offer flexible terms for our motivated self-pay clients as well!