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Readiness Certificates

ARE YOU READY for a new career?      ARE YOU READY to explore self-employment?
ARE YOU READY to lead your organization?   ARE YOU READY for a New Beginning?
ARE YOU READY to Lead Change the Matters?

We offer numerous leadership readiness certificates to help you accelerate your learning, document your efforts (for your resume, LinkedIn profile, reimbursement, etc.), help others and quickly prosper as a result! Each program is highly customizable but also based on a model of change success that we know works and works very well.

Does your company offer retraining benefits as you leave through early-retirement or an incentive package? We have plenty of examples of qualifying these certificate programs for retraining! Please Contact Us for more information.

Change Leader: As you complete your Change Readiness Program you will become an “intra”preneurial, change-ready, decision-making, problem-solving, strategizing master! Apply your new knowledge and skill within the workplace; add this program to your resume and to your LinkedIn profile. “OWN” your career. Implement VISION. LEAD better. TEAM together. This certificate is granted to all who complete the program successfully: organizational leaders, those who seek career change and those who start businesses.

Additionally, if you continue on to our New Beginnings Program and start a business you will be granted the appropriate certificate indicating additional expertise in entrepreneurial leadership:

Employee-2-Entrepreneur (E2E): Transform into an entrepreneurial leader-quickly! Take control, make GREAT decisions, create choice. We’ll help build your ultimate business model, strategize startup, connect with important resources, and be prepared to lead your company to success! NOTE: This program has a track-record of qualifying for retraining reimbursement if you have that benefit available to you!

Corporate-2-Consultant (C2C): Leverage your corporate experience and expertise to become a consultant. You may head back into your former company, on your terms, or you may share your knowledge with others. This readiness certificate ensures that you’re offering the right service to the right people and that you’re prepared to “own” your practice!

Employee-2-FranchiZee (E2Z): Similar to the E2E program, we help you prepare or become better prepared (if you’ve already begun) to make good choices, partner with the right franchise, fill in the gaps of what the franchise does and does not offer, connect with local resources and be prepared to lead your company to success!

Would you like to supplement your coaching practice or join our team of experts?

Train-the-Trainer: Do you coach or train others either independently or as an HR professional? Would you like to learn to lead your own Mastermind groups? Let’s talk about becoming part of our family of Legacy Coaches!

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