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Change Leader!

Are you

  • in career transition

  • preparing for transition

  • in a leadership position

  • part of a team

  • considering business ownership (and possibly also seeking employment)

The Change Leader Certificate is perfect for you! This program will help you to take control, make GREAT decisions, learn and use leadership skills such as visioning, strategizing, decision-making, relationship-building and so much more!

You will be better prepared to catalyze and manage change, to lead and to be part of a cohesive team.

There is nothing permanent except change.  Heraclitus

NOTE: This program can be provided to groups or teams as well as individuals. Inquire for details.

Your customized, experiential training may include:

  • aptitude and personality assessments
  • workbook and entrepreneurial development journal
  • weekly, 1on1 sessions with your personal trainer
  • group training sessions and workshops
  • online learning
  • weekly accountability conference calls
  • community seminars
  • introductions to resources and service providers
  • additional training as needed

You will be guided and taught by a personal, entrepreneurial trainer as well as additional experts, mentors and peers. Learning will be fun and productive.

PLUS: Our program should qualify for reimbursement if your former company offers retraining benefits!

Are you ready?

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