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You have numerous years of expertise behind you.
You’re ready for a change.
You want greater flexibility, control and freedom.
Maybe, you even want to do something meaningful and important!

Could your “brilliance” and/or ¬†passion be put to use as a consultant?

As a candidate in our Corporate-2-Consultant program you will
  • explore your strengths, talents, skills and knowledge
  • learn about consulting as you build your ideal business model
  • become an Entrepreneurial Leader: Visionary, Strategist, Decision-Maker, Implementer,etc.
  • be introduced to and learn from other consultants
This program is offered in individual one-on-one sessions with Peg Stookey or in groups. Please contact us for more information about customizing your program!
Does your former company offer retraining reimbursement benefits? If so, we have a track record of qualifying this program for reimbursement! Win-Win!


The story of a C2C client:

I have to admit, when I started working with Terry I was a little intimidated. He’s so crazy smart!! Terry was in the process of becoming an Intellectual Property (IP) consultant when we first met. Because Terry had recently relocated out of the area our conversations have all been by phone. In fact, about half-way through the engagement we decided to use a conference call line so that Terry could record our conversations. Together, we were coming up with so many great ideas that it was hard for him to capture them in notes-especially while balancing a phone on ear!

I soon got over my intimidation. Yes, Terry’s crazy smart. But I soon learned that he did indeed need me! In the 3 months that I worked closely with him, we focused the business, identified strategic partners as well as the ideal customer, strategized marketing, created a seminar, made some introductions, created simple forms to help him pre-qualify clients and, most importantly, clarify what he does for whom.

Terry is a guy who could do many things. That gets confusing to a strategic partner and even more so to a client. We had to narrow it down. Once we found the starting place, Terry was able to be a more effective networker, articulate his message more clearly, and build the necessary tools that he needed to begin. Once he started, Terry knew that his practice would continue to evolve, change and grow. He’s in the early stages of “evolutionary success” and we all wish him the best as we continue to support the growth of his consulting practice!

Peg Stookey

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