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Few of us had parents that were business owners or went to school to learn entrepreneurship. In fact, since the industrial revolution, the purpose of our school curriculum in the United States has been to ready us for employment, not business ownership.

The E2E Certificate is designed to guide you into entrepreneurship-quickly, usually in 2-3 months. You will learn to think and act as business owners do. You will not only learn to create a business model and a startup strategy; you will create YOUR business model and strategy! You will learn decision-making by making decisions and you will become an excellent networker by networking. In other words, you will experience entrepreneurship and build your business as you learn.

Your customized, experiential training may include:

  • aptitude and personality assessments
  • workbook and entrepreneurial development journal
  • weekly, 1on1 sessions with your personal trainer
  • group training sessions and workshops
  • online learning
  • weekly accountability conference calls
  • community seminars
  • introductions to resources and service providers
  • additional training as needed

You will be guided and taught by a personal, entrepreneurial trainer as well as additional experts, mentors and peers. Learning will be fun and productive.

PLUS: Our program should qualify for reimbursement if your former company offers retraining benefits!

Are you ready?

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Peggy Bollinger

Peggy Bollinger’s Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur!

“In early 2012, while working for IBM, I found out that I was to be a part of a large resource action where many were being let go.  My last date of work was 3/28/2012.  As part of the severance package IBM promised retraining dollars as well as provided each employee with a career management service.  This service is where I met Peg Stookey.  IBM allowed the time to utilize the career management services prior to being let go so I attended many events regarding how to write an effective resume, how to use social media to find a new job, how to use job boards, etc., but when I met Peg at her Legacy Center event, the wheels really started turning.  The other sessions I attended just left me feeling more uneasy about my future.  I wanted to make a difference in the world instead of to the bottom line of some corporate company.

Peg’s session was all about the choices we have to make our own decisions and be our own boss.  It was a true revelation for me.  I started thinking that maybe I COULD do something on my own.  One of the many services that the Legacy Center offers is Entrepreneurial Readiness.  I called Peg and we began working together on 3/29/2012.  The Legacy Center uses many tools to help individuals decide what path is right for them.  Initially, Peg had me take an “Entrepreneurial Quiz” to see where my head was at and if I was a good candidate to move forward with an entrepreneurial path.  Peg had me develop my “Master List of Assets”, “Knowledge Points”, and use Visioning to decide what I wanted to do and how I wanted to get started.  Peg and the Legacy Center then guided me through doing my research and due diligence and using tools like a “SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis” and Strategy Worksheet to make decisions and move forward.  Peg and her team coached me through developing my Business Plan and, using their “Anatomy of Success” model, to help me understand how to keep moving forward one step at a time.

If it were not for Peg and the Legacy Center I would not be in business today.  My company name is Homecare Family Services, LLC.  We are a non-medical / companion care company providing services to elderly and/or disabled clients while being an advocate and a source of information for their families.  We use technology to help our families stay connected, cared for and informed.

Peggy with her ACCEL Mastermind Group

Peggy with her ACCEL Mastermind Group

I was not sure if my retraining dollars from IBM could be used for the Legacy Center, Entrepreneurial Readiness program or not but I submitted it to them with high hopes.  I am happy to say it was accepted and I did get 100% reimbursement! Having gone through the past year with the Legacy Center at my side, I can honestly say that reimbursement did not sway my decision to work with the Legacy Center.  I would have worked with them anyway. I would not be in business today if not for all their knowledge, care and support!

Peggy A. Bollinger

Owner / Director

Homecare Family Services, LLC