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Option 1: You’re exploring franchising. Your E2Z program will look very much like our E2E (Employee-2-Entrepreneur) program. In fact, you may decide to build a business rather than buy a franchise. No Worries! The certificate is awarded based on the outcome. Your exploration and learning process will be very similar.

Option 2: You have already made the decision to or you have purchased a franchise. CONGRATULATIONS! Our program will help you to be better prepared to lead the growth of your company while also benefiting your new franchise family as well!

Your customized, experiential training may include:

  • assistance to choose the right franchise
  • expert guidance through the franchise due-diligence process
  • aptitude and personality assessments
  • workbook and entrepreneurial development journal
  • weekly, 1-on-1 sessions with your personal trainer
  • group training sessions and workshops
  • online learning
  • weekly accountability conference calls
  • community seminars
  • introductions to resources and service providers
  • additional training as needed

You will be guided and taught by a personal, entrepreneurial trainer as well as additional experts, mentors and peers. Learning will be fun and productive.

PLUS: Our program should qualify for reimbursement if your former company offers retraining benefits!

Are you ready?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We will work alongside your franchise broker (if you have one) and act as YOUR advocate through this complicated process of franchise decision-making.


Testimonial and client story

Peg likely saved me tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. With her expert advice and the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer that Peg recommended, I decided NOT to pursue a franchising opportunity that probably would have ended in failure. After subsequently working with Peg to identify my core skills and goals, I have now identified the right business for me. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank Peg enough for her sage advice! Phillip P.

Phillip’s Story (From the perspective of Peg Stookey, advisor): Thank you, Phillip, for your wonderful testimonial! It was/is a pleasure working with you.

Let me tell you a little more about Phillip. Yes, he came to me about a year prior to his final decision to buy a franchise. As he said, he decided not to pursue the opportunity in front of him at the time.

Fast forward: A year later he contacted me and said that he felt it was now time to seriously consider franchising. He chose a franchise broker to work with. I contacted him and asked for a few weeks to work with Phillip. The broker agreed. The result was that both Phillip and I learned more about him, his assets, what mattered, his goals, etc. I was able to communicate this to the broker who then did the search.

I continued to work with Phillip. We looked at multiple options, creating realistic success scenarios for each. Phillip was an excellent client who did the work I asked of him! Because of my background in franchising I was also able to coach and train him regarding franchising. He learned best practices, the questions to ask, the people to seek and more. Phillip made an excellent choice; one that aligned with his deep sense of mission and family values.

I really believe that if Phillip had only worked with the broker he would not have chosen this option. When we started working together he didn’t see that his business could also serve his personal sense of mission. This was a new and pivotal realization for him. You can do business that matters and still have a good, profitable business!

We all wish Phillip and his family years of Legacy success! Peg Stookey


Another FRANCHISE story:

Scott is a franchisee that I (Peg Stookey) have been working with. He came to me about a year after he bought his franchise. He was struggling with some of the day-to-day issues of self-employment: networking, his 30 second speech, his LinkedIn profile message, sales process, and entrepreneurial decision-making.

While the franchise was doing a good job of helping him with the operations side of self-employment, he was struggling to adjust and prosper as an authentic entrepreneurial leader. He’s an introvert by nature, not experienced in sales and marketing. Yet, his role in his business is very much about sales, marketing and especially, relationship-building (as it is for every business owner).

Scott and I have worked diligently on sales process. Yes, the franchise has some suggestions but what works for Scott is not quite the same as what works for others. We’ve tweaked what he was given by the franchise in order to make it comfortable and authentic for Scott. When we last met he reported a doubling of sales!

Way to go, Scott! Peg Stookey

More Franchise Success……..

Beth Bullock, our QuickBooks Pro Advisor extraordinaire responded to a request on the Intuit site in the spring of 2012. It was from a local franchisor (the parent company) who needed help. Beth dove in. One by one, she helped their franchisees, both local and national, to get their books in order and to act as overall advisor as well. You see, Beth has been in small business since she was born! She knows the ins, the outs, the good, bad and very ugly. She can spot fraud or a potential IRS issue a mile away. She’s not afraid to tell a client what they don’t want to hear. Beth is her client’s advocate to the core!

As a result, she handles many franchisee’s books so that they can do the business of growing and serving their clients. Way to go, Beth!