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ACCEL Mastermind

ACCEL Mastermind Groups: Small business owners come together in small, professionally facilitated groups that meet monthly to SUSTAIN THEIR SUCCESS!  ACCEL members continuously create and evolve their strategy, goals, vision, mission and overall plan in order to ACCELerate the growth of their business. We help our members grow as entrepreneurial leaders who are well prepared to take their business, and their life, into a successful future.

To ensure their success, many of our members participate in our weekly, Get It Done-ASAP conference calls. These calls ensure that they are staying on track, committing to the most important activity and then….being held accountable to GET IT DONE! Productivity increases, fewer mistakes are made, relationships grow, and so much more!

ACCELerate your success by leveraging this powerful mastermind process! Members create trusted relationships, advise each other, are guided by an expert facilitator, stay focused and accountable and learn as they grow as leaders of their organization.

If you’re ready to ACCELerate your success, please contact us for more information!

ACCEL Meeting

ACCEL Meeting