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ACTIVATE! Strategic Advising (and so much more!)

Sustainable success might just happen for you-IF you’re very lucky! You’ve likely invested in your current level of success, through one or more of our programs, the “school of hard knocks”, or another source. Typically, you are either growing a career or an organization such as a small business or a non-profit.

Sustainable success is like a dance. You shift and sway, in your unique way, to the rhythm of the music, yet you stay connected to your partner, the dance floor and to the music itself. Today’s ever-changing business climate demands that we stay nimble yet aligned and focused. This is not easily done!

In order to continue to evolve your future success we recommend ongoing Strategic Advising.

  1. Strategic Advising: Meet with a Legacy Advisor once or twice a month, often as a follow-up to the more rigorous Readiness Certificate Programs or following your First 100 Days Program.
  2. ACCEL Plus: Meet with a Legacy Advisor  once a month to supplement your ACCEL Mastermind Program.
  3. Yearly/Quarterly Success: Schedule an extended session of yearly/quarterly strategic planning to set the course for the future.

As an Activate client you will

  • have a personal strategic advisor
  • create quarterly and yearly strategic plans
  • be invited to our Get It Done program for weekly accountability, strategizing and peer support (currently only available to business owners)
  • continue to ideate, evolve and implement as you lead your future
  • not be alone!

Inquire for customized program and pricing.

An ACTIVATOR Success story:

“John” worked with Peg Stookey as an Employee-2-Entrepreneur candidate. Over 8 weeks, they worked closely together to identify his unique assets, envision multiple self-employment scenarios, identify the potential “ideal customer” and choose the overall, competitive best business model for HIM and his family. Although John was also offered a good job, he decided to go ahead and start the business.

With Peg’s help, John wrote a strategic plan which included his startup and marketing strategy. John launched his business!

As often happens in the early stages of entrepreneurial development, the business was not growing as fast as John hoped. He came back to Peg. They decided that what he needed was more support and additional advising. He started attending an ACCEL Mastermind group every month. His ACCEL “mates” helped him to identify additional strategic partners who, in turn, gave him more referrals. At the same time, John and Peg met for an advising session once a month. Peg helped John to grow into his role as a business owner. One result was that instead of simply selling the service that he had originally planned, he added an additional one. This not only became an added revenue source, it ultimately became the focus of the business!

Soon after starting his business, John realized that he needed help with his bookkeeping. Beth Bullock stepped in to help him set up QuickBooks and currently advises him on his monthly bookkeeping.

John is not alone. He is fully supported as he grows and evolves his successful business!

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