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Change Readiness

Have you found yourself saying……

Change Cloud

Change Potential

“I was let go from my career job of 28 years.”

“I’ve taken a package but don’t know what to do next.”

“My situation is intolerable. I need to find something new.”

“It’s time to sell or pass on my business.”

“I think I can be more…..”

“I want to do something that matters.”

“It’s time.”

“Now what?”

Change is hard.

It can be stressful, confusing, paralyzing, frustrating, depressing and often, filled with shame, blame and guilt.

BUT, when you’re ready…….

Your “change situation” will become a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY to seek new possibility and uncover hidden potential.

This time of change is a gift of time!

The Change Readiness program is:

  • Proactive: 6-8 weeks to your New Beginning! With the help of a Legacy coach & trainer you will identify numerous opportunities and narrow it to one or two to pursue, e.g. a new job, a change of career, a business to start, a franchise to buy, etc. Together we will explore weekly assignments that are thought-provoking, introspective, visionary, refreshing and fun!
  • A process: While you explore your current change situation you will develop skills to help you with future opportunities. Our proprietary Anatomy of Success model is a system for leadership success that you will use now and well into the future.
  • Positive Psychology: As an adult, you have many assets, strengths, gifts, talents and passions. Let’s leverage them to create your new future!
  • Parallel: Very often, our clients are on dual paths of exploration. Self-employment or new job? This job or that job? Self-development and career search. We help you balance and prioritize while moving forward to identify your New Beginning!
  • Personal: This program is all about you, your current situation, your goals, your needs and wants. Your change is your own. You need to own it. We will help guide the way.
  • Private: This goes without saying! It’s important that we build trust and confidence in each other in order to quickly see results.
  • Professional: We have been helping people transition from where they are, using the best of who they are, to get to where they need to be for over 15 years. We are highly respected in the community and proud of it!
  • Persistent: Once you complete your Change Readiness 8 week program, you will be invited to our New Beginnings and First 100 Days programs in order to keep the magic happening! If you start a business you might also consider our ACCEL Mastermind and Get It Done programs. You are NEVER alone at The Legacy Center!


If you’re ready to explore your potential and the potential of a New Beginning contact Peg Stookey for more information.

Are you ready to be Confident, Significant and oh, so Happy?