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First 100 Days

The beginning is a delicate time.  

Opening line from Dune, the movie

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve accepted a new position.  You’re buying a franchise.  You’ve decided to finally launch your consulting practice.  You’ve been invited onto the board of a large non-profit. You’re stepping into your New Beginning-for real!

You’ve traveled to this point by

  1. Leaving your past behind
  2. Becoming Change Ready
  3. Finding your New Beginning Point
  4. Making a decision to step into your new future

The First 100 Days of anything new are critical to long-term success. As a new hire there is a 25% chance of losing or leaving your new job within the first year. If you start a business you have a 50/50 shot at making it to year two. Retirees experience a spike in heart attacks and divorces in the first year of retirement.

Those are risky odds!

We’ll help you to successfully and sustainably step into your New Beginning: job, business, retirement, location, etc., with a renewed sense of significance and confidence! You will NOT BE ALONE in your First 100 Days!

In the First 100 Days program you will

  • have a personal coach and advisor
  • create a strategic action plan
  • learn to evolve your plan
  • manage stress
  • leverage your strengths
  • minimize your weaknesses
  • learn and practice appropriate “change leadership” skills such as active listening, relationship building, team building, communication, networking, personal branding, etc.
  • be invited to our Get It Done program if you start a business

Are you ready to begin your First 100 Days and become more

Confident, Significant and oh, so Happy?

Contact us today!