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Love Work Again, a.k.a. Overcoming (Post) Traumatic Job Stress

Is this you?

  How many of these days have you had?

Are you, or someone you care about, affected by (Post) Traumatic Job Stress? Some of the common signs are

  1. You’re very unhappy at work
  2. You’re feeling stress and anxiety over work
  3. You don’t feel in control of your career and very possibly, your life
  4. You can’t sleep because you worry about your future
  5. You want to make a change but are afraid
  6. You’ve left your job but you don’t know where to go from here
  7. Your confidence is gone
  8. You might find yourself crying at odd moments
  9. Your health might be suffering
  10. Your relationships could be failing
  11. You simply don’t know where to turn in order to create a turn-around

THERE IS HOPE! After working with people in career change, often very traumatic change situations, Peg Stookey has designed a program to specifically help people with (Post) Traumatic Job Stress or PTJS. The GREAT NEWS is that, with the right kind of help, you will discover an inner strength, your unique, core brilliance, and your New Beginning Point VERY QUICKLY! Peg’s clients typically begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel after only one session. Right before her eyes, they begin to sit up straighter, make eye contact and engage in future-focused conversation.

A GOOD CANDIDATE for this program is

  1. READY to explore-both themselves and their future potential
  2. READY to invest in their personal and professional development
  3. READY to take action
  4. READY to make a change within 2-3 months!

Are you READY?

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  • Female, age 62: While at the top of her career, she became the unwanted focus of a fellow, male, employee. Upon filing a complaint, she was “let go”. She chose to leave quietly but there was nothing quiet about the turmoil in her head. Fast forward-four months later, after many tear-filled sessions, Peg met her for lunch. They hadn’t seen each other for a month. Peg was a bit late for the meeting and was sure that her client was waiting for her but, after searching the restaurant, couldn’t find her. Then, she spotted a lone woman in a booth. Could it be her? It didn’t look like her. This woman was super confident, thinner and looked 10 years younger. IT WAS HER! Peg quickly learned that her client had found her “match” on and had been on a whirlwind romance. Fast forward, they married and have moved to the mountains, picked up scuba diving and hiking, and she now consults for a professional services firm.
  • Male, age 45: On a very black Friday he was called into HR and, along with the rest of his team, told that their roles had been eliminated. He received no other explanation and was walked to the front door. When Peg met him, he couldn’t even make eye contact. After years of good reviews and awards for his work, he was now consumed by questions, shame and guilt. After only one session, he sat up straight, engaged in the conversation, his eyes bright with hope! Within two months, he did a total turn-around. He and his wife bought a new home in their dream location and he started volunteering in the new neighborhood for an organization that ultimately hired him on a full-time basis!
  • Male, age 38: When he met Peg he was still working and clearly, very unhappy. In the year before he finally gave his notice he was in the hospital for anxiety THREE times. Within four sessions with Peg he went from tears to possibility. In fact, they soon had too many ideas and had to quickly narrow them into a manageable number. Today, he’s planning to start a business and choosing to fully take control of his future!
  • Female, 30 something: This gal was hurt on the job; suffering both physically and emotionally. When she and Peg found each other she had all but given up on re-employment. She was highly trained in one area and didn’t believe that she’d ever find a way to re-purpose her strengths, knowledge and skills. Although a challenge, this person is one of Peg’s most precious clients. She had what Peg calls “richness of soil” in spades. There was so much potential under the layers of doubt that, once unearthed, the sky was the limit. She is now working in a support role in the field in which she was trained and provides life-saving services to many.
  • Male, young adult: This special guy graduated from college at the height of the economic crisis. There were few jobs for graduates so he went the self-employed route. Although not his true passion, he made a go of it for five years. He then decided to get a traditional job but probably made a poor choice. He was extremely unhappy for the year he stayed there. Now, he’s on the hunt again, learning what it means to explore and land a position that is “on your terms”, one of Peg’s favorite terms! He’s taking some time this time around to consider what he does best, what he knows, what he loves and what he cares about. When he lands his next job he will 1) be much happier and 2) be much more in control of his choices and decisions. If change is needed in the future, he’ll be all over it!

If you, or someone you care about needs

  • Some extra understanding and TLC
  • An experienced guide
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • Ideas
  • A Roadmap to Success

Click here for a confidential consultation!

We believe that this time of change is a gift of time…..And, WE MAKE IT SO!