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My New Beginning

You’ve decided (or are pretty sure of) what your New Beginning Point will be. You may have come to your personal “prologue point”, the point at which you are ready to begin the rest of your journey, with our help through our Change Readiness program, or, you may come to us with the Beginning Point already identified and you’re ready to step in.

Are you starting a business? Buying a franchise? Seeking a job or changing careers?          Maybe you’re ready for a real change and have decided to relocate and begin again.     Perhaps a retirement lifestyle is calling you.

Ideas are worthless without action. In order to move forward into your New Beginning, together, we’ll make a plan, take action steps and continue to evolve the plan while giving you the knowledge, skills, tools and support to keep moving forward!

In your New Beginning program you will

  • create a customized program that fits your New Beginning, e.g. career change, business startup, retirement, etc.
  • have a personal coach/trainer to guide you
  • learn, practice and implement our proprietary Evolutionary Strategy Model
  • take the first steps toward your New Beginning Point: apply for jobs, interview, create a strategic action plan for your business startup, perform franchise due diligence, etc.
  • work on your personal brand and materials such as resume, LinkedIn profile, 30 second speech and more
  • become a confident and giving networker (Givers Get!)
  • not be alone on this evolutionary* journey
  • greatly accelerate the beginning of your new future!

Are you ready to begin a more confident, significant and oh, so happy future?

Contact us today!

*We’ve mentioned “evolving” several times. In the early stages of nearly anything, but especially career change, you will continue to learn and grow, your future will shift and sway, your legacy will unfold. Planning for evolutionary growth will help you avoid heartache and mistakes in the future.