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P2P: Professional-2-Purposeful

What do I wanna be when I grow up?, asked the 57 year old engineer.

Professionals are often well educated and almost always, deeply experienced experts at something. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, actors, athletes, writers, engineers, executives, etc. are just a few examples. If you ask them what they do, you’ll find that their “label”, or identity, is pretty firmly affixed.

But what happens when this career that they’ve invested so much in is no longer fulfilling?

Or, the role that they’ve played is no longer valid?

Professionals who are REACTING to a career change, i.e., they’ve been forced into change, can fall hard. It’s a long way down from the top. Those who are PROACTIVELY seeking a change also struggle to redefine and reinvent themselves. Peeling away the professional label in order to unearth hidden potential takes a lot of purposeful work!

At The Legacy Center, WE KNOW PROFESSIONALS, their career change challenges…….and their potential to create a rich, fulfilling future!

Through our P2P program you will

  • Get to know the brilliance that is uniquely YOU (not simply how others see you)
  • Define “your terms”, including What Matters, What You Really Love & Want and What is Your Purpose & Passion
  • Create options for a new future that are born out of your brilliance and in alignment with “your terms”
  • Take concrete actions that will lead to decision and a strong start, i.e. create your story of change, optimize both your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile, connect with critical people, create a plan, step into search/startup, etc.
  • NEVER be alone
  • ALWAYS be supported by expertise and empathy
  • Find YOUR New and Purpose-filled future!
  • Step into your Legacy with confidence and significance!

Here’s just a small sampling of transformations that we’ve been privileged to be a part of:

  • Architect who is working in a non-profit
  • Drafting Engineer turned hypnotherapist
  • Engineer (oh, which one of you should I pick?)) who is consulting for smaller businesses and “playing” with the stars and weather (actually, has gone through extensive training and is now a volunteer, doing what he LOVES!)
  • Lawyer who moved to the woods and consults when she wants to
  • Scientist who is coaching women through divorce and other life changes
  • Construction contractor who remarried, moved to her dream location (Florida) and started another business
  • Human Resources V.P. who trains on leadership and give back a LOT of his time to those in need
  • Corporate President who strategized himself out of a job and transformed himself into a graphic marketing expert and entrepreneurial mentor
  • Salesman reinvented into junk-hauler and recycler
  • Hospital CEO…….reconfirmed that she had one more hospital rehab in her before retiring!
  • Police Detective who re-purposed her law-enforcement career into that of legal defense

And so many more!

If you’re ready to learn more, request a complimentary P2P Exploration Session now!