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P&G New Beginnings

Are you leaving, have left or feeling left behind due to changes at P&G? You’re not alone! This community-based program is designed to help you move forward and ensure that you are making, or dealing with, change ON YOUR TERMS.

We believe that this time of change is a gift of time.

And, we help you to make it so!

How and why?

  1. The first step is to subscribe to our complimentary newsletter. It takes an extra step, but to ensure that this is a private list, contact us to request your complimentary subscription.  WHY subscribe? You’ll learn about career development, career change, what it means to be “on your terms”, our events, upcoming webinars, case studies, etc. We’ll stay in touch with you and you can choose to reach out as needed!
  2. Attend events. Currently, we’re offering quarterly events in Cincinnati but we hope to have trained representatives in your market soon-globally, as well!  WHY attend? At our events you will meet P&Gers who have found their New Beginning Point, your peers and our experts. You will learn, connect and know that you’re definitely not alone on this journey. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a member of our growing team!
  3. Certification Programs. We offer 5 Legacy Center certification programs: Change Leadership, Employee-2-Entrepreneur, Employee-2-FranchiZee, Corporate-2-Consultant and Train-the-Trainer WHY become certified? Leverage your time of change to kick-start your New Beginning as a change leader, entrepreneur, franchisee, consultant and/or Legacy Center trainer. Also, our certification programs qualify for retraining benefits and we work collaboratively alongside your outplacement program.
  4. Webinars, etc. Through our newsletter, we’ll let you know about webinars or tele-conferences that we’re hosting. WHY go virtual? To continue your learning in a convenient format and to ensure that we have programming for all global members. Do you have an idea for a virtual class-maybe something that you’d like to learn about or, even, to teach? Contact us with your ideas!
  5. Small business owner Mastermind groups. Masterminding is the ideal way to build and grow your business (entrepreneurial, franchise or consulting). WHY mastermind? Once you’re past the busy start-up phase, usually the first 8-12 months, you’re ready to focus on growth issues. Meeting with peers who are doing the same will shortcut much of your time at the “school of hard knocks”.

More FAQ’s.

What if I’m not from P&G? If you’re experiencing career change, on your terms or not, we can help you or your team. Contact us to create a program that fits your needs.  If your company is going through significant change(s) please inquire about creating a customized New Beginnings program to help support your people through times of change.