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The Dandelion Effect

As you’ve been working and growing your career, you’ve been growing as a dandelion grows-as an individual but also as part of a community of plants (I hesitate to call you a weed, though!).

In the weeks and months prior to experiencing change, your season was coming to an end. Your beautiful yellow flower turned into a fluffy, soft puff ball.

As Procter says goodbye to you and you to it, or, if you’re staying behind, you say good-bye to your peers and to the “old” way of doing things, you become not just one solitary floating seed, but many. While you may rightfully be coming to terms with this change yourself, we see these many seeds as a gift to our community, your next position and as future potential waiting to be planted.

As a seed, you contain stored up energy and information in your DNA that is yet to be expressed. You are a future flower that will soon be planted and blooming-more beautiful and vigorous than ever before!

As the wind blows, you might travel near or very far. You will see new and different things, meet new people and have new experiences. The walls of Procter as you knew it are down, the door has closed and it’s time to open your many windows of opportunity.

Are you ready?

Yes, some might land on infertile ground and their potential is wasted. Others will find themselves in a pristine yard where they are not wanted.

Our goal is to help you land at the home of an organic gardener who will enjoy your inherent beauty and harvest your flowers to make a salad or dandelion jelly or wine. Or, as we did when our kids were younger, feed your nutritious flower to a pet iguana! Or, perhaps, you are allowed to grow and pollinate the next generation. Or, and this is what is most likely to happen, while you left as a dandelion, you will BECOME a whole new species!


In other words, we’re here to help you re-purpose, reinvent and replant your brilliance into a new and fulfilling future-ON YOUR TERMS!

Let us know how we can help!

Peg Stookey (With gratitude for the dandelion inspiration from Ann Marie Cilley!)